The Torc Swingtrainer is the most versatile golf swing weight on the market. Unlike the golf doughnut, the Torc can be positioned anywhere along the shaft. Providing training weight at key points.


  • Above the hosel to stretch large muscles

  • At the balance point to improve tempo

  • Below the grip to promote a proper release


No other portable swing weight on the market offers these benefits. See what people are saying about the Torc Swingtrainer on our Features and Benefits page.

Sir Charles Barkley and the Torc Swingtrainer

(Golf Channel's - The Haney Project)

Sir Charles
Sir Charles
Sir Charles
Sir Charles

"You want to hit the ball farther?  Get the Torc Swingtrainer"

- Hank Haney  

Former PGA Golf Professional of the Year, Former swing coach to #1 ranked golfer in the world Tiger Woods, Top PGA, LPGA pro and amateur instructor